Introduction to the FAQ files.

Purpose: To provide a good source of answers for builders of the Pitts Model 12 and hopefully keep Kevin Kimball from answering the same questions over and over. That way he has more time to help builders with unique problems, work on new products and spend time with his family etc. 

Hopefully your question will be in here, if not join our Pitts 12 Google Group and search the archived messages, hopefully you'll find your answer. If not, email your question using this link so we all can benefit. 

New people seem to be reluctant to ask questions in public and are tempted to email Kevin privately, but that benefits only one person and is discouraged. When someone calls Kevin to ask a question, it might interrupt him, and only the caller gets to hear his advice. Don't be embarrassed to post your mistakes, we all make them and we all should learn from them too. By using the Pitts 12 Google Group we all benefit.

Sources: The FAQ Files here on 2wings are compiled and edited email questions & answers pertaining to the construction of the Pitts Model 12. Most of these questions appeared on the previous and now defunct Pitts 12 and Biplane Hangar mailing lists as well as personal emails with Kevin Kimball.  They live forever here on my website though! Well, at least as long as I pay my web hosting fees each year. While every effort has been made to make the information accurate at the date noted next to the topic, the information may not be current anymore. Keep in mind that you should still use common sense, think your own task through yourself so you are knowledgeable and can assume responsibility for your construction methods. 

Applicability: FAQ files are intended for builder's of the Pitts Model 12, but other builders of tube/rag biplanes may find the information useful, which is a good thing. The world needs more biplanes!

The FAQ Files are arranged as follows:

General Info   This FAQ contains topics on performance, aircraft comparison, and other stuff that isn't really related to construction itself.

Welding Related   This FAQ is devoted to welding and metallurgy for the scratch builders.

Fuselage Construction   Again for the scratch builders, this FAQ answers questions about building a fuselage up to the same condition as a purchased Kimball powder coated fuselage.

Tail & Controls   All about construction of and installing the tail feathers,  rudder and elevator control system. Note: ailerons are covered in the wing section.

Fuselage Assembly   Everything about the fuselage assuming you start with a powder coated fuselage frame.

Engine & Prop   Basically firewall forward topics, but also includes engine related systems like fuel and smoke.

Wing Construction   Also covers ailerons and wing hardware.

Cover Finish & Rig   About covering, painting and rigging of wires etc.