N750T The Turbine Toucan built by David Kervinen

The 37th Model 12 to fly on May 9, 2007


David built this one-of-a-kind show stopper for airshow work, but due to technical and other reasons, the aircraft has yet to live up to its awesome potential. Hopefully airshow crowds will someday get to watch this awesome airplane perform at a level similar to that of Wayne Handley's Turbine Raven. The Turbine Toucan is powered by a Walter 601D turboprop engine with 750 shaft horsepower in place of the usual radial engine.


Images from testing - early 2007

070217_010.jpg 070313_105356.jpg 070413_140847.jpg 070413_141500.jpg 070413_144537.jpg 070424_00.jpg

First flight pics - May 9, 2007

070509_00.jpg 070509_10.jpg 070509_20.jpg 070509_30.jpg 070509_40.jpg 070509_50.jpg 070509_60.jpg

Subsequent test flying

070609_022617.jpg 070609_022620.jpg 070623_171946.jpg 070623_172232.jpg 070623_172424.jpg 070625_092914.jpg 070912_153507.jpg 070912_153609.jpg 070912_153907.jpg 070912_154010.jpg 070912_154418.jpg 070912_154611.jpg

Detail pics of the aircraft

079999_000.jpg 079999_010.jpg 079999_020.jpg 079999_030.jpg 079999_040.jpg 079999_050.jpg 079999_060.jpg 079999_070.jpg 079999_080.jpg 079999_090.jpg 079999_100.jpg 079999_110.jpg 079999_120.jpg 079999_130.jpg 079999_140.jpg 079999_150.jpg 079999_160.jpg 079999_170.jpg 079999_180.jpg 079999_190.jpg 079999_200.jpg 079999_210.jpg 079999_220.jpg 079999_230.jpg 079999_240.jpg 079999_250.jpg 079999_260.jpg 079999_270.jpg 079999_280.jpg 079999_290.jpg 079999_300.jpg 079999_310.jpg 079999_320.jpg 079999_330.jpg 079999_340.jpg 079999_350.jpg 079999_360.jpg 079999_370.jpg

Flights from 2008

080806_011155.jpg 080806_011204.jpg 080806_013937.jpg