N922TP built by Chad Huston

TThe 42nd Model 12 to fly on July 6, 2008



Build pics up to June 2008

050106_101129.jpg 050106_101144.jpg 060409_130530.jpg 060409_130610.jpg 060409_130637.jpg 060601_073504.jpg 060601_073537.jpg 061121_053350.jpg 061124_211114.jpg 070119_021424.jpg 070119_021434.jpg 070119_021451.jpg 070123_134801.jpg 070425_092410.jpg 070520_075906.jpg 070610_203614.jpg 070612_080753.jpg 070612_090830.jpg 070617_025424.jpg 070629_223207.jpg 070805_030044.jpg 070805_030101.jpg 070805_030142.jpg 070928_212318.jpg 080101_120101.jpg 080101_120122.jpg 080102_182850.jpg 080107_041904.jpg 080107_041915.jpg 080413_064243.jpg 080420_040912.jpg 080511_053922.jpg 080527_090917.jpg 080605_110803.jpg

First flight July 6, 2008

080706_073417.jpg 080706_075247.jpg

Forced landing due to fuel flow sensor contamination, June 2009. Chad's and some others were built with the fuel flow sensor immediately after the fuel selector valve and upstream of the gascolator/filter. Not anymore! Chad is rebuilding the plane.

090605_060803.jpg 090605_060813.jpg 090605_060913.jpg

In the interest of safety for all Pitts 12 builders and pilots, you can read the NTSB report and Chad's Pilot Narrative here.

The airplane is almost ready to take flight again! Test run on April 18, 2014