N80XP built by Curtis Pitts

The Original Macho Stinker!


Curtis Pitts completed the first Model 12 in March of 1996. At first it was called Bolshei, but then the term "Macho Stinker" took hold in reference to Betty Skelton's famous Lil' Stinker. In 1998 the airplane was sold to Jack Rose who re-did the instrument panel and added Kimball parts like gear, canopy etc. He also added a Whirlwind prop and then re-covered the airplane. In 2002 he sold it to Bob Hoyt who added wheel pants back on, and even a tailwheel fairing for awhile. The airplane was then sold to Clint Callahan in 2004.


N80XP as built by Curtis Pitts

March1997SportAv_00.jpg March1997SportAv_01.jpg March1997SportAv_02.jpg March1997SportAv_03.jpg March1997SportAv_04.jpg March1997SportAv_05.jpg stinker2.jpg stinker3.jpg stinker.jpg t1110013F.jpg