VH-SHM built by Jim Kimball Enterprises for Mike and Sarah Mayfield of Australia

The 66th Model 12 to fly - S/N 320



October 2013 - Pics from assembly at Jim Kimball Enterprises

131000_01hangar1.jpg 131000_02cockpit.jpg 131000_03engineInfo.jpg 131000_04outside.jpg 131000_05inflight.jpg

March 2014 - Larry King has now officially been expelled from Australia due to persistent failure to understand the subtle difference between "tomato sauce" and "ketchup." OK, there is none, but he doesn't need to know that:) After a mound of paperwork and Larry getting intimately familiar with how many pounds to the kg, and US gallons to the litre, certification went fairly smoothly with just the usual nit-picking stuff. The guys at Dent Aviation did a beautiful job with his assistance and advice in putting the Model 12 back together. The test flights were very benign, with just minor tweaks in a couple of parameters. The BPE motor, as expected, performed beautifully and simply refuses to be flustered by anything a pilot like me can throw at it. Under-prime. Over-prime. Pull the throttle too quick. Push the throttle too quick. The motor says "you stupid pilot - I know what you want, and I know what you did, so I'll just fix it for you, OK?" Thanks to all the crowd at JKE and BPE for producing an amazing machine. Regards,Mike Mayfield

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