N177MF built by Jim Kimball Enterprises for Marshall Friedman

The 50th Model 12 to fly on January 18, 2010



Pics from assembly at Jim Kimball Enterprises

091207_105613.jpg 091218_111243.jpg 091224_152019.jpg 091224_152106.jpg

Pics from first flight - January 18, 2010

100118_01.jpg 100118_02.jpg

May 3, 2014 - Sometime after Marshall sold the aircraft, it was extensively damaged in a late afternoon forced landing, thankfully with only minor injuries. According to press reports, the aircraft was on its way from Washington state to New Mexico. They took off from KDLS intending to land at KPVU for the night, but lost power short of their destination. FlightAware.com shows a flight of approximately 512nm (589sm) ending about 17nm northwest of KPVU. With a flight of that distance for this type of aircraft, fuel and flight planning are a likely focus of the investigation. See NTSB report

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