Built by Bob & Jeff Eicher

The 15th Model 12 to fly in July 2002 - S/N 5


The aircraft was sold in 2006 - these are pics from the EbayMotors Auction back in 2006. Also it appears the aircraft has changed ownership since too.

n115b_ebay.jpg N115Bebay1.jpg N115Bebay2.jpg N115Bebay3.jpg N115Bebay4.jpg N115Bebay5.jpg N115Bebay7.jpg N115Bebay8.jpg

Bob's plane had its first flight on July 10, 2002 with his son Jeff in the cockpit. Thanks Jeff for the pictures! Sometime in 2002

Image005.jpg Image012.jpg Image013.jpg Image014.jpg Image015.jpg

Sun-N-Fun 2003

P4046231.JPG P4046232.JPG P4046234.JPG P4046235.JPG P4046236.JPG P4046237.JPG P4046238.JPG P4046239.JPG P4046240.JPG P4046241.JPG P4046243.JPG P4046244.JPG P4046245.JPG P4046246.JPG P4046247.JPG P4046248.JPG P4046249.JPG P4046250.JPG P4046251.JPG P4046252.JPG P4046253.JPG P4046254.JPG P4046255.JPG