N79EF built by Evan Fagen

The 56th Model 12 to fly on November 12th, 2010


The aircraft was plans built with a Romanian engine, electric start and 24 volt electrical system.


Evan started the airplane but eventually hired out the build to completion. Pics from November 2010

101127_230016.jpg 101127_230110.jpg 101127_230148.jpg 101127_230155.jpg 101127_230204.jpg 101127_230424.jpg 101127_230457.jpg 110129_010256.jpg 110129_010405.jpg

After completion, the airplane was flown for just 2 hours before finding major quality issues with faulty avionics wiring and wing issues. The wings were removed and all fabric was taken off. He discovered the top wing was junk minus hardware, and the bottom wings were salvable with good woodworking skills. The airplane sat for awhile and eventually was sold in March of 2012. Current status unknown.

120202_110736.jpg 120202_111346.jpg