N512P built by Marc Jones

The 62nd Model 12 to fly


Marc completed his first 2 flights of N512P on 4/13/13 after 5 years of building:

"Thanks to Kevin Kimball and team for the design and excellent support, the Barrett gang for unbelievable performance, Larry King for sharing his experience and providing help where needed and Doug Ripley for his expert services and motivation by staying one step (maybe two) ahead of me while building his M12. Of course I utilized Darin's web site more than most so thanks for your dedication to the cause! I have to give credit to my wife for listening to boring explanations of how to build a Pitts Model 12 over the years, I think she is more glad than I the building phase is complete. Can't list everyone here who helped or provided support along the way but thanks to all, this type of project cannot be finished without others which is part of the joy! As for the performance...all I can say is WOW, which is the first word out of my mouth after liftoff. It exceeded my expectations and I've not even begun to let'r rip yet. Looking forward to Phase I and documenting the performance numbers."


Images from April 2013.

IMG-20130412-00121.jpg IMG-20130412-00124.jpg IMG_1844.JPG IMG_1854.JPG IMG_1856.JPG IMG_1860.JPG IMG_1866.JPG IMG_1870.JPG IMG_1872.JPG IMG_1874.JPG IMG_1893.JPG IMG_2100.JPG IMG_2104.JPG IMG_2112.JPG IMG_2113.JPG IMG_2115.JPG IMG_2119.JPG IMG_2124.JPG IMG_2130.JPG IMG_2147.JPG IMG_2166.JPG IMG_2182.JPG IMG_2186.JPG IMG_2196.JPG IMG_2214.JPG IMG_2215.JPG IMG_2219.JPG IMG_2220.JPG IMG_2236.JPG IMG_2239.JPG IMG_2247.JPG IMG_2249.JPG IMG_2257.JPG IMG_2273.JPG IMG_2288.JPG IMG_2298.jpg IMG_2306.JPG IMG_2310.JPG IMG_2316.JPG IMG_2318.JPG IMG_2319.JPG IMG_2346.JPG IMG_2348.JPG IMG_2355.JPG IMG_2367.JPG IMG_2402.JPG IMG_2404.JPG IMG_2407.JPG IMG_2432.JPG IMG_2436.JPG IMG_2439.JPG IMG_2442.JPG IMG_2461.JPG IMG_2462.JPG IMG_2464.JPG IMG_2474.JPG IMG_2475.JPG IMG_2478.JPG IMG_2479.JPG IMG_2481.JPG IMG_2482.JPG IMG_2484.JPG IMG_2485.JPG IMG_2508.JPG IMG_2513.JPG IMG_2516.JPG IMG_2521.JPG IMG_2522.JPG IMG_2525.JPG IMG_2528.JPG IMG_2533.JPG IMG_2534.JPG IMG_2535.JPG IMG_2536.JPG IMG_2540.JPG IMG_2542.JPG IMG_2545.JPG IMG_2546.JPG IMG_2547.JPG IMG_2549.JPG IMG_2552.JPG IMG_2554.JPG IMG_2569.JPG IMG_2576.JPG IMG_2595.JPG IMG_2598.JPG IMG_2622.JPG IMG_2632.JPG IMG_2633.JPG IMG_2636.JPG IMG_2637.JPG IMG_2643.JPG IMG_2644.JPG IMG_2645.JPG IMG_2650.JPG IMG_2655.JPG IMG_2657.JPG IMG_2658.JPG IMG_2674.JPG IMG_2683.JPG IMG_2685.JPG IMG_2689.JPG IMG_2758.JPG IMG_2760.JPG IMG_2762.JPG IMG_2763.JPG IMG_2767.JPG IMG_2768.JPG IMG_2791.JPG IMG_2792.JPG IMG_2794.JPG IMG_2798.JPG IMG_2803.JPG IMG_2805.JPG IMG_2815.JPG IMG_2820.JPG IMG_2886.JPG IMG_2905.JPG IMG_2923.jpg IMG_2925.JPG