Built by Jimmy Kilroy

The 20th Model 12 to fly - S/N 137


Jimmy creates and restores aluminum car bodies and other parts at Moal in Oakland, California, a shop known for unique and very high quality automotive creations. Jimmy's work simply has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. His airplane is significant because he created a 1950's retro futuristic style with handcrafted aluminum parts all over the airplane. As you look through the pictures, look at the reflected images in the polished parts, you'll see no imperfections because his metal shaping abilities are second to none.


Pictures from July 2004

P7038735.JPG P7038736.JPG P7038737.JPG P7038738.JPG P7038739.JPG P7038740.JPG P7038741.JPG P7038742.JPG P7038743.JPG P7038744.JPG P7038745.JPG P7038746.JPG P7038747.JPG P7038748.JPG P7038750.JPG P7038753.JPG P7038754.JPG P7038756.JPG P7038759.JPG P7038760.JPG P7038761.JPG P7038762.JPG P7038763.JPG P7038749.JPG P7038751.JPG P7038752.JPG P7038755.JPG P7038757.JPG P7038758.JPG 040703JimmyDarin.jpg

February 2005 - Kevin Kimball visiting California

P2118769.JPG P2118770.JPG P2118771.JPG P2118772.JPG P2118773.JPG P2118774.JPG

September 2006 - Circuits at KLVK

P9170328.JPG P9170329.JPG P9170330.JPG P9170331.JPG P9170332.JPG