N927JB built by Jon Bailey

The 29th Model 12 to fly on February 28th 2006 - S/N 87


George Twente originally built much of this airplane, but Jon finished it after George was killed in the crash of his first Pitts 12, N20GT.


Work originally done by George

050117_00.jpg 050117_01.jpg 050117_02.jpg 050117_03.jpg 050117_04.jpg 050117_05.jpg

Pics of Jon finishing the aircraft from May 2005 to June 2006. Jon ended up repainting much of the aircraft in addition to finishing it.

051021Plumbing.jpg 051108Brakelines.jpg 060105Testrun.jpg 060111PrepForRepaint.jpg 060208Assembled.jpg 060215Rigged1.jpg 060215Rigged2.jpg 060323_00.jpg 060323_01.jpg 060323_02.jpg 060323_03.jpg 060323_04.jpg 060323_05.jpg 060323_06.jpg

Pics from various airshows.

060404_LAL_CourtesyOfSergeyRiabsev.jpg 080731_KOSH_DMiller.jpg